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CoinMate BC 2000UV - 3 Speed Bank Quality Currency Counter - CASH COUNTING MACHINE

ID : 17012
MSRP : $650.00

CoinMate BC-2000V-UV Advanced Bank Quality Money Counting Machine with Value Counting Feature and Ultra Violet Counterfeit Detection

The CoinMate BC-2000V-UV Advanced Currency Counter counts pre-sorted currency at multiple speeds and creates batches for deposit or counted sets of bills or notes and has Ultra Violet Counterfeit finding capabilities. The BC-2000V-UV is distinguishable from other Money Counters because it also Value Counts pre-sorted denominations when you set the Counter to operate in Value Mode and press the $ key to select the denomination you intend to count. The CoinMate BC-2000V-UV Money Counter is intended for business and financial institutions counting at least 550,000 bills per day.

The CoinMate BC-2000V-UV Currency Counter has (3) three sensitivity levels of UV Counterfeit Detection and three (3) counting speeds of 800, 1100, 1500 bills per minute and an Ultra Violet Counterfeit Detection Feature which also works on all speeds. When using this machine as a coupon counter, label counter or to count old and worn bills, slower speeds can be more accurate. The large LCD enhanced operation panel includes a three-digit batch read-out and a five-digit count display. The CoinMate BC-2000V-UV Money Counter includes a one-year parts/labor warranty and a Voltage Switch allows the Counter to work with both 110 and 240 voltages.

The CoinMate BC-2000V-UV Cash Counter and Bill Counter with Money Value Counting capability is an economically priced versatile FRONT and TOP LOADING Money Counter. It is easier to use and MORE user friendly than Rear Loading Bill Counters -it has less jams and gives you the flexibility offered by a range of counting speeds.

A Stack of Bills placed in the 400-bill capacity, Extra Large Feed Hopper, feeds from the bottom of the Stack into the Counter, allowing the user to continue to add bills to the top of the stack for an efficient continuous count. This Cash Counter and Bill Counter is a Bank Quality Cash Counter that counts and can create batches of bills (Size and number of bills chosen by the user.) while counting presorted bills or units. This Currency Counter is a good fit for most businesses and personal users, allowing them to enjoy the savings in time and money made possible by automated cash counting while also distinguishing counterfeit bills. The CoinMate BC-2000V-UV Cash Counter is perfect for high volume counting where speed and bank quality counting accuracy for finding totals and counterfeits is necessary with its 3 Sensitivity Levels of UV Counterfeit Finding.

The CoinMate BC-2000V-UV Money Counter with 3 selectable bill counting speeds: 800, 1100 and 1500 bills per minute is a versatile Counter. Slower speeds are very helpful when counting new money (Run new money through the machine to break the ink between the bills.), old and worn bills (A slower speed can prevent additional damage to bills and minimize the possibility of jamming.) and non-currency items like labels or coupons. The slower speeds also allow the user to do a visual check on whether the denominations have been correctly sorted. With 3 Levels of UV Counterfeit Detection Capabilities the higher the level of sensitivity, the slower thew speed.

The CoinMate BC-2000V-UV Money Counting Machine comes with a comparatively large, bright, clear, easily readable blue LCD display. The user friendly, selectable Value Count feature gives the operator the option of letting the CoinMate BC-2000V-UV money counter calculate the Value of the bills counted by doing the multiplication of the unit count as each presorted denomination is counted. The extra-large hopper 400-bill capacity and the Voltage Switch (AC100 to 240V, 50 -60Hz) are additional features that make this dependable and reliable Bill Counter a useful tool when counting cash. With the Voltage Switch and Carrying Handle that folds in place, you can use the BC-2000V-UV/MG in countries all over the world.


  • CE Approved
  • Large Blue Backlight LCD Screen with Adjustable Brightness and Contrast
  • LCD Display that shows a 5 Digit Unit Count and 3 Digit Batch Count and 4Digits on the optional Remote Count Display
  • Display shows both a Unit Count and a Value Count
  • UV- Ultra Violet Counterfeit Detection Ability
  • Counting Display: 5 Digits on the larger LCD Display area
  • Batch Display: 3 Digits on the smaller LCD Display
  • Remote Count Display: 4 Digits on Remote LED Display (Optional Display)
  • Counting Modes: Normal Mode, Continuous Counting Mode, Batch Counting Mode VALUE COUNTING MODE, Accumulation (Total) Counting Mode, Automatic, or Manual Start Mode
  • Working Modes: Normal Mode, Continuous Counting Mode, Batch Counting Mode, UV Mode
  • Detection Modes:UV- Ultra Violet Counterfeit Detection, Detects half notes (can be a partial or folded note), double notes (double, or overlapped notes), chain notes, Narrow Dimension notes (abnormal width notes), UV Counterfeit Detection Mode with 3 levels of sensitivity, Optional Magnetic (MG) Counterfeit Detection Mode with 3 levels of sensitivity, and notes of different physical sizes (Width)
  • VALUE COUNTING MODE , Accumulation (Total) Counting Mode, Automatic, or Manual Start Mode
  • Value Count Feature works in both manual and automatic modes.
  • Automatic Adding or Manual Adding Multi-speed machine.
  • Batch: Pre-set Batch Numbers: 10-50-100 in turn and the number can be increased single digit by single digit or arbitrary number (0-999) through numeric keys.
  • Automatic Counting Start or Manual Counting Start.
  • Easy Maintenance with Self-Diagnostic Electronics.

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    CoinMate Technology currency products are warranted for a period of one-year. Warranty covers parts and labor. Items must be returned to depot for service.
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